Checking where this is going to…

let’s see *checking papers* – ¬†I create this site because I thought maybe my programs could be useful for someone.

and who knows where this going next…

Story time: I learned c# in course that end in (kind of) war so it’s never ‘ended’, later I got my diploma but I didn’t have the motivation then to do something with that. now I making programs that help people around me (and me) in the things we do everyday. like paint, find what to eat or manage projects.

for the first post, I will tell about the first one: “ZoomableReference” – simple program that help draw/paint(/which one?) with reference, the image is on top of other programs so you didn’t need to see the browser, go back to the painting program and do it millions of time (like I did). of course if you have 2 screens or maybe tablet you didn’t need it at all.

Link to ZoomableReference (I probably do that tomorrow)


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