ZoomableReference – Release

Download the program here: Download

this is the first public release, and in the image above you can see how I use it, there is 5 windows and as you can see, it’s cove lot of the screen, but some areas are dead anyway.

The program have 3 windows: Manager window, Reference window, and Future window (code name, probably change later).

Manager Window:

The first window that start is the window manager, when this window close, the program close.

  • ‘New Window’ – Create new Reference window.
  • ‘Close all’ – Close all the reference windows.
  • ‘Hide’ – Hide all the windows, so you can do something else. (like take a break)
  • ‘Show all’ – Bring back all the windows.
  • ‘Experimental window’ – Create new Future window.
  • ‘Soft’ – Make all the future windows soft again (will explain later)
  • ‘Save state’ – Save the current state of the Reference windows to file, include position and size of the window and the image.
  • ‘Load state’ – Load state from file, so you can continue from the last you stop.
  • ‘Protection’ – well, I have program that always make problem when I minimize it, so I make small window on the screen so now I can’t click on the Minimize button of that program.

Reference window:


  • ‘…’ – Browse button, where you can select file.
  • ‘X’ (red) – Close the window.
  • ‘URL’ – Make field visible so you can paste URL in it and click the ‘Load’ to load it.
  • ‘Move’ – Allow the user to drag the window on the screen.
  • ‘Reset’ – Reset the position and the size of the image in the window to the default values.
  • ‘Color’ – Change the color of the background of the window to the value of the field below it.
  • ‘Save Size N Position’ (and everything below it) – is not in use anymore, it’s work, but it’s better to use the manager window instead.

also, you can Drag and Drop links and images on the window and it’s will try to show them.
Future window:

this window dons’t border, it’s fullscreen mode, and you can drag the image around and change the opacity.
To make things easier, hold ‘left ctrl’ you can drag and zoom-in/out anywhere on the screen, things will be more clear when you try it.

the window has 2 states:

  • Solid – mean you can’t move the image, zoom or change anything, but you click through the image.
  • Soft – mean you can move, zoom or even change image.


  • ‘Solid’ – Set the state of the window to ‘Solid’
  • ‘Load’ – Browse for image in the window to load on the screen.
  • The Slider on the top – Change the opacity.

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