v1.2 is out

Look at this cure eye of that jackal, I still working on that jackal, but the eye is cute.

I release the next version of zoomable reference, v1.2, I did few improvements, like simple mode and remove the old presets system.

the main new features are rotations, you can rotate and flip the image for more easy comparing with you paint. and also minimize the window in one click.

Story time: I start to use Github again, finally understand how to use it in way that fit me more. what I did was to make lot of issues, (kind of todo list) select and do one, or put some in milestone, sound easy and it’s easy. I must say it’s was amazing.

also, I tried to do changes in projects of others, it’s was full of problems, it’s didn’t compile, and even after that, it’s was winform, something I didn’t understand, so after few games in the xbox I work on my project and release it. and I proud of it.


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