ZR V1.2.7 released

Zoomable reference v1.2.7 is released just now, you can download the new version here.

in the image you can see how the program look now.

I made few changes in the basic use of the program, make the manager window much more useful, and now it’s somehow easier to use, you have more control. in other words – it’s feel more friendly now.

There is new setting window, later more content will be added, but now this look nice.

it’s was kinda hard, without connection to internet everything feel so close yet out of reach, make me wonder if this healthy for me too much internet, the reason I think it’s was good without internet that it’s like slap to the face: I’m really that connected to internet?, it’s let me notice about some of my habits. I Suddenly have time to think, and to decided, I saw that I make this site/blog/whatever to post my program and paints, not only progress, so it’s time to make more REAL content – Progress on programs and completed paint, and see where this going.

also, now I see how important is to make a stop, just to think about what I did/doing.


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